My wife is very naive and doesn’t match my standard.

I want to seek your advice concerning my marriage especially about my wife. We have been struggling with out marriage for some time now and all efforts to smoothen things have been quite useless. I do not despise my wife but I do not love her so much to always want her around me. It wouldn’t be totally out of place for me to say that we are very different and that our values don’t align. We hardly agree on things and that is because she always feels like she is smart and knows the best way to handle things but that it an absolute rubbish, a complete lie. The way she reasons annoys me and I can’t hide it.

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Before you ask why I married her if I don’t love her, it was because I got her pregnant. She was working as a sales girl for one of my friends who is my huge customer. As a result of these, we were in frequent contact as she buys goods for me sometimes according to her boss’ instructions. I later slept with her. When I found out she was pregnant, I promised her that I was going to take care of the baby after delivery and that she wouldn’t lack anything but she refused. After so much to and fro with her parents insisting that she wouldn’t have her child outside her marriage, I married her.

She is so local. I have even spent so much money to make her look good but she fails to upgrade. She keeps wearing terrible clothes even after buying her very beautiful clothes. I give her enough money to shop for clothes but she always comes home with very low quality okirika clothes. I have quarreled with her countlessly because of this reason. When I decide to but clothes for her by myself, she doesn’t value them, she sees it as a complete waste of money because they are very expensive. I may not be a perfect husband but I never fail to look out for my wife and take care of her. I give her money and whatever she asks for.

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Some of my friends make jokes about how my wife doesn’t take care of herself and it hurts me. I want to see that she is healthy and wears good clothes but I am tired of begging her. No matter how much I try to explain to her, she doesn’t understand. This her dressing and manners outside has not been useful. I don’t know what to do. I have sat her down to talk to her but it’s not productive which is why I decided to talk to you and seek advice.

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