My wife is very troublesome. What do I do?

Please hide my identity. I am a married man and we have just two lovely children. Everyone close to me knows how much I love my family including my wife. She is industrious and takes good care of our two children. She has been a good wife since we got married until recently. She has changed so much and I don’t know how best to handle it and that’s why I decided to seek your opinion here. My wife started to change last year. She used to be a very submissive wife but all of a sudden she changed .

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She began to challenge me and frequently queried my decisions even when they were clearly meant to make things work for our family. She would quarrel with me over things that are absolutely unnecessary. My kind of job is a bit demanding and as such, it requires me to come home late on some days. She is fully aware of my job and the days I come home late but now, she started making a case out of it. She thinks I intentionally stay out late or that I flirt with women instead of coming home after work.

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As if that’s not enough, sometimes I will come home only to realize that she didn’t cook anything at all. She will just sit on the couch watching movies. This has happened a couple of times and I am tired of dealing with this every time. How can I have a wife and not be at peace with her? She doesn’t care about me or how I feel. She thinks I am a bad person but she is clearly the terrible person here. I am tired of this marriage and want to do everything possible to have peace in my home. I need suggestions on what to do. 

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