My wife is very violent during sex. What do I do?

Please help me. My wife of 7 years has suddenly changed. She has turned to a violent woman during sex. It is so intriguing and I do not know where to start or what exactly to do about this situation. We are happily married for 7 good years with two kids to ourselves. In the past years, she was very lovely, calm and very romantic during sex but suddenly she changed. She now says she prefers the BDSM thing during sex and it weakens me. 

I am not used to hitting a woman at all not to talk of hitting her during sex. I love and respect my wife so much that I can’t even think of hurting her. The first time she spoke about BDSM, I thought she was joking but from the way things turn out, she is very serious about it. She told me she meant what she said two days after she first told me about it and without hiding my feelings, I told her that I wasn’t interested and we won’t do it. 

She acted indifferent for a couple of days and we didn’t have a great communication during those periods. Later on, we were going to have sex and she brought it up again, half way into the sex. I got angry but I didn’t make it obvious. I told her bluntly that I would not do it and her mood changed automatically. It affected our sex that day as she Hf e kept acting like I was forcing myself on her. Long story short, I ended the sex and went to bed Angry.

Some days later, we made up and she apologized for her actions with promises not to bring up the issue anymore. I was happy and I forgave her without wasting any time. We had sex that night and it was okay. It was enjoyable and fun. About three days later, we were going to have sex again and that was when my main problem began. My wife was hitting me during sex and was trying to choke me. 

She did a lot of unspeakable things that night. I had bruises and she even slapped me all I the name of sex. I have been angry since then and I need a solution. She apologized the next day and also helped me get drugs for the injury. With the way she has been speaking about BDSM since, I don’t want to just accept her apology and relax when I know that she’ll still do it again. 

Another thing that surprises me is her sudden interest in BDSM. For 7 years of marriage, she never spoke about it. Then suddenly, she wants it. I am very confused. What has she been reading? Who has age been talking to, or even seeing? How did she learn about BDSM so well and is unstoppably craving for it. Does it mean that she is cheating on me. I can’t get myself to believe that and thinking about it worries me so much. Please advise me. What do I do about this my wife and her sudden craving for violent sex?

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