My wife is violent and it’s getting out of hand.

Please post this and let me know when you do. It is honestly looking like I married a fighter or one of these people we see in wrestling because the way my wife is acting these days is getting me scared and embarrassed at the same time. We have been married for only five years with two children. I don’t know why my wife is acting the way she is. She picks a quarrel over meaningless and useless things. The other day, I got home and she complained about the NEPA bills. She said that the prepaid subscription is almost finished and sought money to recharge. I told her I was low on cash but sent her 5k to recharge. 

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We usually recharge 20k and above but since I had some expenses to make that period, I told her that I would send the rest later. She was grumpy, like she was acting up and complaining. I couldn’t understand it. She knew so well that I made a lot of expenses that period and my mom just left the hospital of which I spent so much money. Apart from that, I noticed that she is harsh on the kids. Our children are aged 5 and 2 respectively but the way she shouts at the for things that are not serious leaves me worried. Just like most mothers, she spends more time with them and I noticed that the kids are gradually withdrawing from her.

There was a day she hit my first child. She slapped her so hard that her palm prints were left on her face. I was so furious. My daughter cried continuously for over six hours. I wasn’t home when it happened and after I asked why she slapped her that much, she said that she broke a glassware. An ordinary glassware that could easily be replaced. We have many glasswares and I couldn’t just understand why she would treat our daughter that way because she broke one. Children make mistakes and as long as they are children, they will break a lot of things and spoil some things that are very important in the house.

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I have tried to explain these things in plain terms but she never understands. I am afraid that she will hurt my kids one day. I don’t spend much time at home because of my job but lately, she has become so violent that I can’t predict what will happen in my absence. I have spoken to her and I have also called her sister to speak to her but the change was small. She always feels sorry for her actions and promises never to repeat it but these are all promises that hold no water. I need advise on what to do. She was not like this before. I don’t know what happened to her. Could it be that she is disturbed about something hence her transfer of aggression? I’ve asked her but she said she is okay.

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