My wife poured hot water on me

Please post this and inform me when you do. Thank you. Often, men are bashed for treating women wrongly. Sometimes they are accused of domestic violence and the society frequently favours the women without looking critically at the men and their stories. This is my reality. I have been married for seven years and I have experienced nothing but pain, abuse, assault and frequent slander. My wife is a human which I cannot describe because I don’t have the right words to do so. She is so unpredictable.

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One minute, my wife is highly in love with me, she gets very emotional and expresses how much I have made her happy, she cries sometimes and showers me with intense hugs and kisses, so much that you never wanna leave her presence. However, the next minute, she is violent, abusive and slams the door on your face. Sometimes she gets physical and throws heavy punches at me. I just can’t explain to her. It’s as if she is possessed by a spirit or that she has a double personality. I can’t seem to find the best explanation.

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This has been happening for three years now and it is getting worse. Just yesterday, she poured hot water on me. What did I do? I went out with her car without informing her. When I got back, she was screaming, she was very furious and bitter. I was trying to apologize. She was threatening to finish me if I dared to get closer to her. I was apologizing. It was during my apology that she threw the kettle containing the water on me. I have an injury but I’m receiving treatment. I honestly need to stop this madness my wife is exhibiting. Help .

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