My wife spoils my children with social media.

This is becoming a major challenge in my family. I am quite older than my wife, about 12 years older so she is quite young and prefers to do things like a young lady. I on the other hand see things differently, more in a mature perspective hence the situation of things. We tend to disagree on some things especially when it has to do with raising the children. A brief detail about us. I am 39 years old while my wife will be turning 27 by the end of this year. We have three children and we have been married happily for a while now. As expected, I provide the majority of the needs for the house while my wife runs it. She also spends more time with the children. 

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She runs a personal business which I started for her and she has sales personnel so she has a lot of free time to spend with the kids more than myself. I don’t like her parenting style and even though we have spoken about it countless times, it has not yielded any fruit. My wife is very active on social media and with the recent craze in engagement and popularity especially on TikTok and Instagram, she is always forced to create content and post on her pages. This has made her constantly create content in the house. She has as lot of followers and she sees the need to always post something. I don’t have a problem with that or her social media activity but my problem is that she uses out kids.

She exposes them a lot and forces them to take part in her videos. If they are not dancing today, they are singing tomorrow or talking about their likes and dislikes and many other things. This has also invaded our privacy a lot as they are always sharing things that happen in our family. It is as if we don’t have privacy anymore because they don’t understand that boundaries should exist and there are things that should not be out in the public. I don’t like how my wife is showing my kids to complete strangers all in a bid to generate likes. Many times, people have told me they see my wife and children and it makes me very very uncomfortable. Times are bad and no one knows who is watching. 

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Some people can keep track of what you share on social media and use it to hunt you either now or later. Not everyone is happy with you or the family you have and some people will try to ruin it at any chance they get. I have explained this to my wife many times but she just doesn’t listen. It has also made my children talk too much. They also know many of the latest trends on TikTok because my wife uses them to make content sometimes. We are not hungry. I make enough to take care of my family and my wife has a big boutique I opened for her so it’s not like she is doing that because we are hungry. I don’t know how else to explain this to her so that she will understand me.

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