My wife steals my money regularly. How do I stop her?

Hello. Please share this with your readers and let me know when you do. Thank you. I am a married man. I’ve been married to my wife for just a year and we don’t have a child yet for personal reasons agreed on by my wife and I. For the past one year we have been married, something strange has been happening and it has gotten to the extent that I can’t keep quiet about it anymore as it is getting worse. 

I found out that my wife steals. Or perhaps, let me put it in a mild way, she picks. I noticed that my things, especially my money miss regularly. I am a very careful and accurate person. When I keep things, I take note of their position and how exactly they are kept. This is not intentional but I’m used to it. I am very orderly so I rarely make mistakes to misplacing things. 

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The first time I noticed my money was missing, I tried to convince myself that perhaps, I didn’t drop it well but just like the saying goes, you can fool anyone but not yourself. When this happened again about three or four more times, I decided to confront my wife. I asked her and she reluctantly agreed she took the money. I was angry. Why would she take my money without informing me?

She backed it up with, what belongs to me belongs to her. That’s stupid for all I care. Mind you, before you criticize me, I give her enough money. I send her money biweekly and it’s for herself not even for the house or foodstuffs. I also buy her clothes and shoes regularly. It’s always on my plan and I don’t miss it. She also works and earns well. I do not allow her to spend her salary on things in the house. I pay for every single thing needed in the house. Why then would she steal from me?

This has been happening for over 7 months now and each time I confront her, she apologizes and promises not to do it again but she repeats it. I am a business guy and most times, I need to bring money home for some things. I will notice that the money has been tampered with. This is really giving me concerns because she does it frequently. 

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I have changed the location I keep my money but somehow, she finds it and dies what she knows best. I am not someone to talk to friends or family about things going on with my wife so I have not told anyone about it. It is because of this that I decided to bring it to this platform where I will not be identified. 

I am really worried about her behavior. What if she also does this outside, in her workplace and I am yet to find out. What if she is publicly accused of stealing? I can’t come to accept the fact that I married a thief. Honestly. I don’t have a problem with her taking my material things like Shirts and wristwatches because people do it and it’s fine. But for money, no. It is unacceptable. 

We are yet to have kids but I am afraid of what will happen when we finally do. What if she passes this on to my kids? What will she teach my kids? Sincerely, I am worried. I have spoken to her several times but she doesn’t seem to change anytime soon. I love my wife but her character is really pissing me off and getting me worried. What can I do?

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