My wife-to-be cheated on me for the second time. I’m contemplating calling of the wedding.

I know no one is perfect. We all have our flaws and we all make mistakes from time to time but when things occur repeatedly, it looks as if the offender is doing it intentionally and not remorseful about it. I have a girl whom I have only known for almost eight months now. We have been dating for these eight months and we both know that we intend to get married. In these eight months of our relationship, I have been very committed to our relationship and I do things which I wouldn’t do on a normal day just to please her and keep the relationship moving but at this point, I don’t think I can continue.

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During the course of our relationship, regardless of all the things I do for this lady, she cheated on me with her ex boyfriend. I was deeply hurt after I found out what she did to me. She apologized and gave many reasons why she did what she did. She actually told me about the cheating but that was after I figured out that she grew cold and was avoiding me. I kept asking her what was wrong and if I did anything wrong so I could apologize. It was almost two weeks and she was still giving me this cold attitude so I had to continually disturb her for an explanation.

I am this kind of best that doesn’t let things slide without an explanation. If we are close, either as friends or dating and you think you can’t continue with me anymore, I usually like yo get a reason for that so that I don’t keep beating myself up and continue feeling guilty. So due to my persistence, she opened up and told me what happened. I was hurt, deeply hurt but she apologized and told me that was why she was avoiding me because she felt very guilty about the whole thing. I asked and she explained to me what happened, what led to the whole thing and seeing how remorseful she was, I forgave her eventually.

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It’s been some time since that last incident And we have both moved past it. We never even spoke about it and I didn’t even use it against her for once until recently. She has cheated on me again even when I have already gone to see her parents. I have already gone for her introduction and she still repeats it. It’s even with the same guy, her Ex-Boyfriend whom I warned her seriously to avoid. I honestly don’t think I can do this anymore. She has been pleading since but I doubt I can forgive her again. We are already engaged. I have met her people. Was that not enough reason for her to see how serious I am and stay away from this guy? 

I want to call off the engagement because I don’t trust her anymore and I doubt if she will be faithful even after we marry officially. What if she keeps going back to him after our wedding? I can’t face that.

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