My wife usually gives me dirty slaps if I dare complain or threaten to marry another wife due to her bad attitudes – Man ask court to dissolve his 20year old marriage

A businessman, identified as Azeez Ogunsola, begged a Customary Court in Ile-Tuntun, Ibadan to dissolve his 20-year-old marriage with his wife, Atinuke.

Azeez, said that he can no longer bear the shame which his wife had continually brought on him due to her continued stealing habit.

Explaining his side of the story, he said,

“When Atinuke stealing first started, I did not take it too seriously until she graduated into a huge embarrassment for me.

Three months ago, I received many phone calls in my office on how my wife was selling neighbours’ domestic animals such as goats.

People whose goats were missing in the community have traced it to her selling them in collaboration with her accomplices.

“Before I knew it, the landlords’ association had ordered my entire family to immediately leave the community or else, they might get me arrested.

While I was looking for money to pay for the stolen goat, Atinuke was again engulfed in an allegation of stealing mobile phones from a mosque in the area.

She was in an argument with her partner in crime on how to collect her share before she was caught.

 “Besides, Atinuke usually gives me dirty slaps if I dare complain or threaten to marry another wife due to her bad attitudes.

In fact, she smashed food plate on my head the last time.

I don’t want her to continue to destroy my reputation, please, separate us,” Azeez begged

Atiku, who denied the claims prayed to the court not to put an end to her union saying she only stole a neighbour’s goats.

Atinuke who earned her living as a chemist said,

“Azeez is right with the issue of goats and I have promised to change, but I didn’t steal any mobile phone.

I don’t know why I am stealing, I have been trying to resolve it spiritually,” Atinuke said.

After listening to both parties, Chief Henry Agbaje, the President of the court, appealed to the petitioner to exercise more patience and advised the couple to produce their relatives in court by the Nov. 28 for judgment.

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