My wife wants a divorce. Please help me.

I have been married for six years with two daughters, very lovely children I must say. In all honesty, things have not been particularly rosy for us but I have never failed to provide my family with love, warmth, affection, financial and other needs. I do have a job that pays me fairly enough. It isn’t the best job out there and I would have definitely loved more financial stability but thankfully, it is enough to meet our current needs. It is important to state that I love my wife so much. Having known her for three years and married for six years, I do believe that she is a great woman but the current challenges that we are facing in this marriage are enormous. First, my wife started complaining that she wants a better life. I already explained that my job doesn’t pay me so much but we don’t lack. 

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It offers us a decent lifestyle and we have been able to thrive on the salary the job provides. Unfortunately, my wife has a bloated mental picture of the kind of life she wants. She first started by saying we had to move out from our house in Surulere to Lekki or Ikoyi. She knows so well how much I make and also the proximity of my current workplace to our home. She said she wanted a more elite space as she believed it will afford us the opportunity to meet wealthy people that will help our life and the business she runs. It took time to get over such a discussion and we remained in our home. She has a boutique and she sells quality and expensive clothes and I can say she has a number of well-to-do customers. 

I think she eventually made friends with them and they began to corrupt her manners. Another major fight we had was when she said she wanted to celebrate her birthday in Dubai. It was a big problem because we all know how expensive such a trip was. I could actually afford it but it will affect a lot of things and the future plan. She knows I was working towards developing the land we bought but she insisted on travelling because her friends do. I offered her a trip to Abuja in a nice hotel with expensive outdoor services and she finally agreed. We have been having a lot of back and forth and I can’t even begin to mention them. 

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She has outrageous expectations and even though her business is doing well and she earns from it, she doesn’t take money from there to treat herself to all these exotic spots she chooses. She has been making a lot of which are insane. The other day, she asked for a MacBook pro and she does absolutely nothing with it. She doesn’t need it for her business neither is she learning a tech skill. She just wants to flaunt it and that was just after I got her the latest iPhone. Her demands are terrible and she has asked for a divorce. I have been making efforts to make this marriage work. I need help on how to make her change her mind. A divorce will strongly affect our children and I don’t want that. Please help.

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