My wife wants more kids – Man speaks.

Please keep me anonymous. My wife and I are a lovely couple. We have dated for three years and we have been married for thirteen years with four lovely children, all girls. We have been living happily except for infrequent quarrels about having more children. My wife complains frequently about not having a male child. Before we got married, we had a conversation about how many kids we were going to have. We both agreed to have three kids regardless of the gender. Now we have four kids and she still isn’t satisfied.

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It was because of her constant remark about having a male child that we decided to try one more time for a boy and we still had a girl. I have spent so much time trying to let her know that regardless of whether or not we have a male child that we can still be happy. The gender of our kids should not determine our happiness and this was what we both agreed on before marriage but I guess it’s easier said than done. Right now, when I try to convince her that we shouldn’t have more kids, she reminds me of the insensitive replies she gets from people.

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I have continued to tell her that what matters is our happiness and some people don’t even have a child at all. They are praying to have one child even if it’s a girl. But here we are trying endlessly to have a male. Personally, I do not have a problem with our children. I love them so much and never for once have I had reservations or decided not to do something for them because they are girls. Whatever they need, I provide it as long as I can and it’s something that will not harm them. I have tried to convince my wife to love her kids more instead of listening to outsiders. She wants a fifth child but what if it’s a girl again? 

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