Bayo Ajibola Way to Healthy Eating!

One of my good friends requested me to write on eating healthy a few days ago. I am well known to by my comrades as one who has weight issues. I often watch my diet; taking appropriate portions and lots of vegetables. You might be wondering especially with the loads of food I post here. I can boldly say that I have learnt a lot from my personal experience. Here are some of the tips on how to eat healthy and better for my readers.

  • First of all, for Nigerian food lovers, your food portions ought to be controlled. Nigerian food is perfect for your health if served and consumed in moderate portions. Instead of eating more rice than vegetables, consider doing the reverse. The best amount of carbohydrate is equal to the size of your fist.
  • Secondly, take it easy on oil consumption. Most Nigerian foods require lots of oil to cook.  Instead of vegetable oil, consider using olive oil. I am yet to share with you some of the recipes am working on, that do not require oil.
  • Thirdly, instead of one huge meal, eat smaller quantities of food during the day. Snacking on almonds or baby carrots all the time is good.

The following are two delicious meals with calories below 1300. If you find them fabulous, inform me for more of such!

I always go for simple breakfast. A homemade juice, a smoothie or even oatmeal often makes my morning. If you do not eat eggs like me, these are the perfect proteins for you.

Since am often busy, I like something simple but healthy for my lunch. Except for the days when am at home, I always enjoy yoghurt, fruits, soup or a sandwich. My favorite soup of all time is pepper soup.

Dinner is one heavy meal. After a long day of work, I usually take time to catch up with friends on phone, rest a bit and make myself a delicious meal. Proteins must be part of my dinner. I can choose pork, fish or chicken accompanied with vegetables.

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