Naming children is becoming problematic

I am yet to get children but thinking of naming them is already giving me a headache. Naming children seemed like a straightforward thing before but not anymore. I could use some wisdom on this matter.

We have been married for almost a year now and I’m truly grateful for that. It has been a beautiful journey this far and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We don’t have a child yet because we decided to wait to have kids. Part of the reason for this was so that we could take time to pray together for our future kids. One of the things on this prayer list is what we will name our kids.

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Naming children against culture

We’ve talked about this and we decided not to name our children after our parents as our culture dictates. We are, however, afraid of what our parents will say. My husband is of the opinion that if our parents don’t like the idea we can give the children different first names and then have the second names as our parents’ names. I’m not comfortable with this.

Whenever I take time out to pray and fast about this issue I feel a serious wave of crippling fear that overwhelms me. Even when I just think about it I feel scared. What could this mean? I’m not a fan of traditions and I’ve tried hard to keep them away from my life and family, including during our dowry negotiations.

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What could happen to the children if we don’t give them our parents’ names? Could anything happen if we do? That is my biggest worry. I don’t want them starting their lives already bound by traditions they didn’t ask for. I believe in giving children a clean slate so they can grow into themselves. How do we go about this situation?

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