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NATURAL REMEDIES FOR PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS.The journey of pregnancy is a beautiful one but has its own challenges. Most women experience some back pain,abdominal pain, hip pain, indigestion and some edema. All these vary in intensity but can be very disruptive to your life. Easing them can be as simple as a few morepillows or a warm bath. A few moremethods to help you ease the pain and discomfort are outlined below.



A prenatal massage comes with very many benefits to you. It releases the tension in your muscles and relaxes you. It promotes blood flow to the different areas of your body thus encouraging the release of toxins from your tissues. This eases the edema.

If you want a full prenatal massage, be sure to get it done by a trained specialist so as to avoid any harm occurring to the baby.

Heat and ice

Used alternatingly, heat and ice can be good remedies for inflammation and pain. Take an ice pack and place it on the painful area. This will ease the swelling and the pain. Take a heat pad and place it on the painful area for about 15 minutes. This encourages blood flow to the area and improves the rate at which you heal.NATURAL REMEDIES FOR PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS.

Warm bath or shower

The warmth of a shower or bath eases the pain in the painful area. Watch the temperature of the water because extremely hot water is not good for the baby.

More fiber and water

Constipation is caused by a slowing down of the digestive system. Taking in more fiber from fruits and vegetables can give you enough fiber to get your bowels moving. You can also increase the amount of water you consume.

A few stretches

With regard to hip or back pain you can do some light stretches. Exercise is good throughout your pregnancy and the stretches will ease the tension in your muscles. Go slow at first and then increase the number as you go along and your body gets used to it.


Sleeping with a painful hip can cause the opposite effect. Sleepless nights can be eased by placing pillows on the surface you sit on. Add a few soft pillows on your couch or to your bed. A body pillow may provide more comfort because it covers a larger surface.

Pregnancy lasts 9 months so all the discomfort will pass. Once you hold that little bundle in your arms you will realize that it was all worth it.


Bayo Ajibola

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