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New to Parenting Potty Training Tips for Your Baby

To begin, every mother or father should try to understand that parenting is a journey .That is why it is advisable that before getting pregnant, one should be prepared psychologically as well as financially. A baby goes through various steps that a mother should be involved in. It could be quite cumbersome and time consuming, even stress full, to take care of a baby, but the secret is enjoy! Enjoy teaching your baby to talk, enjoy giving that bath and feeding him or her. More importantly one should take pleasure in helping the baby learn how to use the toilet.

Potty training is a very important step in the development of a child. This is because once he or she has learned to go the toilet without assistance; it would mean that it is probably the time to start school. Parents should be patient and understand that children do not learn at the same pace; some are slow whereas others are fast learners. Do not try to compare your child with the neighbor’s child who stopped using diapers when he or she was barely a year old. Just like teething for every baby takes place at different stages, potty learning is also a natural process that occurs at different paces for every baby.

Understanding and patience play a great role in toilet training. Note that the baby will be ready for the toilet when she is ready so he or she needs to be given time to understand the reason why all of a sudden it is a leap from diapers to the potty. This cannot be done so easily especially that the child is still young.

When is a child ready for toilet training?

There is no definite time but there are some tell tale signs that can help a mother know that her baby is ready. If a baby shows interest in using the toilet then that is the right time. This is easy to tell especially if you have older children around. The baby will tend to be curious to know what her other siblings are doing and follow them around especially when they are going to the toilet. Another indication would be from observing the time periods it takes before changing the diaper, if it is longer it means that the baby has greater bladder control. A combination of both body and communication skills development is important, if a baby can communicate the need to pee the better. Being able to dress alone and the capability to walk are some other factors to look out for.

Some important tips that will aid a parent whose baby is ready for potty training include the following:

[A] Placing the potty in strategic locations of the house

If the potty is placed in a location that is easily reachable, it will make it easier for the baby to get to it because babies usually have low memory and tend to lose concentration fast. Consider a baby watching his or her favorite cartoon; do you think she will take time to pause and go use a potty that is in another room? The answer is definitely a big no, therefore placing potties in strategic locations of the room is important. One should be sensitive to his or her babies’ needs and color preferences when buying the potties. Girls usually tend to like pink and red colors whereas boys prefer blue colors, for this reason a mother should be observant to know what color to choose for her baby.


[B] Read and learn about to toileting

Information can be found on toileting books and videos available in baby stores. Watching this with your baby can help him or her understand the reasons for potty training as well as how to do it. Kids learn a lot from watching and copying what others do, so it is advisable to allow your child watch other siblings do it. If you do not have older children it is best to invite other children to play with the baby and in the process she will be able to learn.

In the process of learning to use the toilet there is a tendency of child backtracking on their progress, this is normal and a parent should not be stressed out over this. The advice to all parent is allow the child to develop this skill at his or her own pace and do not be so fast to point out the mistakes.


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