Newborn baby found dead by the road side in Rivers state

A Facebook user Enddie Cosmas, has taken to the platform to scold women who get pregnant only to dump the child shortly after birth.

According to her, she came across a baby placed in a bag and dumped by the side of the road at Oilmill fly-over, just before Eleme junction in Rivers state. The baby had been there for a while and eventually gave up the ghost after being left naked with no protection against the harsh elements of nature.

She expressed her pain at the sight and begged mothers who weren’t interested in keeping their kids to take them to an orphanage rather than dump them to die.

She wrote:

“Pls Ladies if you are not ready to mother a child don’t get pregnant, you know how to do it don’t ask me. As we stepped out for our birthday paroll(me & my daughter) getting to oilmill fly-over before Eleme Junction we saw people gathering, when I heard a voice saying “the baby was crying” as a mother i decided to stop by only for us to see this act of wickedness. Why not take the baby to the Orphanage after nine months pregnancy. It pains me that I didn’t meet the baby alive I would have the happiest person on earth today. The same child poeple are looking for is what a lady dumped on the road to die. An innocent child not given an opportunity to spend a day on earth. My prayers is that God should forgive the mother though she is this wicked.”

Pained mother admonishes women after she saw a dead newborn baby left by the roadside (photos)

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