Nigerian mom of popular McClure twins reveals her husband is not their biological dad

The Nigerian mother of popular McClure twins, Aminat has revealed that her husband, Justin is not their biological father.

Aminat made this revelation on their family’s YouTube page, after the family was put under fire since old racists tweets of her husband, Justin resurfaced on the Internet.

A few followers of the McClures began asking questions after the matriarch of the family addressed Justin’s racist tweets from 2011.

His old comments resurfaced a few weeks ago when one inquisitive social media user decided to look into the McClure Family’s Twitter account, which was converted from Justin’s personal account when the twins’ popularity grew.

Ami has now addressed some of the rumours.

“Justin adopted the girls, he is their dad, he is the only dad they have ever known, and he will be the only dad they have ever known.” She said in the video.

Ami revealed she was married in 2012, and she left when she was pregnant with the twins because the marriage was a toxic and abusive one.

Justin also shared a photo from 2016 when he officially adopted the girls.

Watch her video below…

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