Nigerian Parents Using Negative Reinforcement as BackUp

Just because they are living in the developed countries does not mean that they have forgotten their ancestral ways of bringing up a child. They administer the proper dose of discipline which includes corporal punishment. Why are they doing this yet they live in “ civilized

Rapper Wale is one of the famous Nigerians worldwide.

“ communities? Well, this is the only way that they can bring out the best in their kids and enable them to have a better life in a foreign country.


Does it work? Yes, it is the reason why Nigeria sons and daughters are shining locally and abroad. Just see an excerpt from Nigerian Pulse on Jidenna and his upbringing.


“ Nigerian-American singer Jidenna has always spoken about his father and how he was extra hard on him to excel in his studies.


“I remember coming to America, in the US you get the highest score on the test and your teacher says “bring it home to your parents. show your parents.” So I brought it home to my father like “dad I got a 98 on my math exam”, and he said “ah ah 98? Where are the other two points? Go there and bring them back, then I will celebrate with you” said the singer on Breakfast Club in 2015.”


And indeed as the bible puts it, teach a child the way they should go and they shall never depart from it.


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