Nigerians make fun of Lizzy Anjorin after Toyin Abraham revealed video of her childbirth.

Bayo Ajibola

A number of Nigerians are dragging movie star Lizzy Anjorin on social networks right after Toyin Abraham provided a video to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Remember that Toyin Abraham posted an emotional video which contained her child birth. The video shows Toyin’s journey into the ward down to the process of giving birth.

Soon after the release of the video, Toyin’s fans started out throwing shade at Lizzy Anjorin. Recall that Lizzy got into a fight with Abraham after she claimed the Alakada Reloaded star birthed her son in a traditional home.

However, Toyin’s child birth video is sufficient
informationto demonstrate that Anjorin lied and this led a lot of people to make fun of her online while hailing Abraham for her maturity.

See some comments from Abraham’s Instagram page:

tunexyoba: Yet some unfortunate souls said “Ile Alagbo ni won bimo si”..Happy Mother’s Day jare We love and appreciate you.”

gloria.bpalmeragoye: I like this ile alagbo ooo. Some people can hate sha. I love receipts. Never love you less girlf. Happy Mother’s Day.”

rikkystouch_mua: wow so you gave birth through CS, that one silly rumors from who so who I don’t want to mention that you gave birth in IYA ALAGBO. I can’t blame her becos she doesn’t know the pain of CS!!”

Olaola_makeover: Aunty Toyin so you gave birth tru cs and that aunty said u gave birth at ile Alagbo and you let it go well. I’m not surprise you r such a strong woman. I can imagine what you went tru at that time. I have alwayss know you to be a very strong woman.”

shaddyfits: They will all be ashamed now, ile agbo indeed. May God bless all mothers and yet to be mothers..amen.

barbielabby: You went through all of these? And one old fool was cursing herself (not you) after going through all these pains. May God punish her. Happy Mother’s day to you.”

Bayo Ajibola

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