Nollywood Actress, Lala Akindoju showers encomium on her husband Chef Fregz as she celebrates him on his birthday

Actress Lala Akindoju is in a celebratory mood as her husband, Gbubemi Fregene, popularly known as Chef Fregz, is a year older today, February 25.

Sharing photos she took with Chef Fregz, she wrote:

Excuse me sir, why are you so fresh like today’s bread? I need to toast you! Please step into my office….


Writing this post to declare that your path will keep shining brighter and brighter, your dreams will manifest quicker this year and your joy will be full forever. The whole world is awaiting your manifestion…



I want the world to know you are so kind, dedicated and loving to everyone that crosses your path. You look out for me in ways I could never have imagined, you literally carry my whole matter on your head- my community have become yours, and you’ve become my strongest backbones after the the Holy Spirit. .


Thank you for being the best purpose partner.

Thank you for always buying me hot baffs.

Thank you for all my photo shoots- sometimes you show up at events just to take my pictures.

Thank you for cooking for me- you make the best asaro and palm oil stew

Thank you for always bringing flowers to my plays- please don’t stop.

Thank you for always reminding me of God’s word.

Thank you for being my head of team.



Happy birthday Mr A


#à?éw??r??ni???olúwa .


You guys should help me celebrate the best chef in the world!

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