Ofada stew. How to make Ofada stew.

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Ofada stew. How to make Ofada stew. Obe Ata Iru. Ofada rice is a local delicacy derived from a locally produced type of Nigerian rice. In the East it is referred to as ‘Abakiliki’ rice and simply called ‘Ofada’ in the West. This names are coined from their town of origin. (Ofada and Abakiliki) Ofada rice is known for it’s unique colour aroma and flavour. Ofada sauce on the other hand is a tasty local sauce served alongside Ofada rice. This sauce has two variants. i.e. the plain sauce (Obe ata iru) and the Ayamase sauce .a.k.a Designer stew. Ofada was popular amongst the Yoruba’s but, it has become a household name and a food to reckon with in most parts of Nigeria.

Ofada stew

Ofada stew

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Ofada Rice and stew, is one of the most sought after food in Nigeria and is mainly regarded as a Yoruba native meal.

However, this hasn’t stopped millions ranging from both the Igbos, Idomas and Hausa’s alike to crave this delicious meal and search for the recipe like their lives depends on it, added advantage, it is highly nutritious.

But first here are the health benefits of Ofada rice:

Nutritional benefits of ofada rice:


  1. The soluble fiber in Ofada rice helps control blood sugar and diabetes which in turn helps slow down the release of glucose into the blood.
  1. It also protects the body from colon which is connected to the high fiber content and the presence of selenium in the brown rice
  2. It also helps to keep the heart. According to Researchers at Temple University School of Medicine brown rice is a better choice over due to it containing an ingredient which protects against high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.
  3. It is a healthy and perfect baby due to the dense natural nutrition and fiber it contains
  4. It also helps heals candida yeast Infections due to its high fiber content. This aids the digestive systems to heal from an overgrowth of candida organisms.

Directions for cooking Ofada Rice:


  1. Pick stones and blow the rice to ensure it free from stones and dirt of any kind.
  1. Boil the rice, ensure it does not get to soaked in water to maintain the grainy effect of the rice.You can as well sieve the rice.

Ingredients for Ofada Stew


30 pcs unripe habanero peppers

2 green tatashe peppers or green bell peppers

1wrap or as desired locust bean seasoning (Iru, ogiriokpei or dawadawa)

20cl red palm oil (at least)

1 big onion

1 handful crayfish

850g assorted meat and fish. I used:


Shaki (cow tripe)

Dry fish

Stock fish


Thoroughly Wash and blend your seedless peppers and onion. Also Grind the crayfish and the locust bean seasoning with a dry mill.

Pour your blended pepper in a  pot and place on your cooker, cook till the water in it has dried off, then set aside.

Place the meat and fish in a pot, add your stock cube, onion and cook with 2-3 cups of water till well done.

Next, Pour your palm oil into a clean dry pot, turn on your cooker and bleach till it turns clear. Top know when it’s well bleached, the color will resemble that of groundnut oil.

Allow the oil to cool down a bit before adding your boiled pepper puree. Fry this until all the water in the mix is dried.

Next, add your crayfish, locust beans, your meat and fish and stire well until well incorporated.

Add your salt to taste, depending on your taste bud, a lit bit of stock cube, allow to simmer and it is ready to be served.

Serve with boiled Ofada Rice. To get the full effects, line the plate with uma leaves. You can also use banana leaves.

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