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PAIN DURING OVULATION.Ovulation signals the beginning of a new chapter in your cycle if you are tying for a baby. Most women wait for it in anticipation and actually schedule sex on the calendar with their partners. It becomes a crazy few days of making the most of it while it lasts before you have to wait for the next cycle.

That seems like all fun and games but not quite. You may think that a woman’s woes end in pain during childbirth or menses but there is more. Ovulation actually comes with pain for some women. Around 20% of women actually experience some discomfort in their abdomen during ovulation.

It can be a dull ache in the tummy that lasts a while but eventually goes away or a sharp twinge of pain that leaves you gasping. Others feel as though the pain is only on one side of their back while some may have a specific tender spot at this time. The time it takes varies from a few minutes, hours to even days! You will need to hang in there if yours takes days.

What causes mittelschmerz?

The German word for this pain is mittelschmerz which translates to middle pain-mittel for middle and schmerz for pain. Thepain is said to be caused by different things but all relate to the egg leaving the ovary.

One theory is that the follicles expand as they mature. When one opens to release an egg it may cause a little stretching and therefore some pain. Some say that the egg bursts out of a follicle. The bursting action may cause a little bleeding which may irritate the surrounding tissue thus causing pain.

Whatever the reason it is quite the experience to go through. You can reduce this pain with a little warmth or heat on your abdomen. If that doesn’t do much a little ibuprofen should do the trick. Only take the pain reliever if the pain is extreme. It takes some patience as well because sometimes it lasts longer than you may expect. It could also just end in a few minutes so don’t reach for the medicine cabinet just yet.

On the bright side of the pain (quite the irony!) you will know when your ovulation occurs. It is a sure indicator of ovulation and can be used by those trying to get pregnant. Before you start trying for a baby however, stay strong because it will end.


Bayo Ajibola

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