Pastor’s wife fakes own kidnap, demands N4.6m ransom from husband

The Police have arrested a woman who lied to her husband that she had been kidnapped in attempt to extort money from the unsuspecting husband.

The woman identified as Miriam Kusuubira fooled the public, the authorities and her husband, Pastor Shadrach Kusuubira of Noah’s Arch Church in Kikajjo-Masajja, Uganda, that she had been abducted and that her captors demanded KSh 1.3 million which is approximately N4.6m.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson,Luke Owoyesigyire, Miriam faked her kidnapping and gave false information to the police and the general public. She claimed she was picked up by strangers on June 6, 2018, when she was allegedly on her way to buy a land in Kampala.

It was gathered that the daring Miriam conspired with her daughter in attempts to defraud Pastor Kusuubira.

Concerned about her safety and unable to raise the huge ransom that was being demanded, her husband decided to involve the police. The detectives quickly swung into action, thinking Miriam had indeed been kidnapped and was in custody of some criminals.

The authorities were able to traced the pastor’s lover to her daughter’s house where she was hiding. She was arrested and locked up at Katwe Police Station.

Mariam is facing a number of charges including giving false information to the police. It was not clear why Miriam wanted to defraud her husband. Although cases of kidnapping have been rampant in Uganda, the police issued stern warning against faking abduction.


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