Philandering husband- Pastor’s wife speaks

I have been married to my philandering husband for 18 years. He is a pastor but has cheated on me so many times and I’m wondering whether I should just leave or stay to cover his ministry from shame. I’ve been patient long enough and I’m tired of feeling stuck.

Philandering husband

My husband truly is gifted with speech and so he is rather smooth with the ladies. We’ve been married for a while and have three kids together but he has been playing the field for so many years I even lost count of the women. Some of these women were actually our congregants. They eventually had to leave the church because people had started whispering about it.

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He won’t stop

Of course, since people have also seen his philandering ways I have become the laughing stock. I thought forgiving him would make a difference but it didn’t. I tried begging him to stop and it didn’t move him one bit. He has put me through so much and I’ve persevered, not causing any drama. Along the way, he got one of the single congregants pregnant. Can you believe he asked the lady to get an abortion or ‘face dire consequences?’ Needless to say, the lady left the church.

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I do believe in marriage but I’m tired of his shenanigans. He continues to show me that he isn’t committed to this union. He’s good with the children and they adore him but he is a terrible husband and partner. Should I stay for the kids and save face for his ministry or just count my losses and leave?

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