“The picture is a reminder of where I’m coming from.” Waje says as she shares her throwback photo

Singer, Waje took to her Instagram page to share this throwback photo saying that it’s a reminder of where she is coming from. She wrote;

As simple as the word BELIEVE Is, it’s so difficult to do. Phew! I have been having a hard time understanding it. I like the convenience of a plan B, I like the occasional accolades that come with doing things my way and somehow it will click and I’ll walk away with my shoulders high, singing (I get sense pass u) but! GOD doesn’t work like that. He likes to be the plan ABCD….
SO WHAT NEXT? WHAT IF? I ask him and He says When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble. But he also says for that to happen I have to Hold on to instructions, do not let it go;
I’m reminded of my journey, so many miracles but also some mistakes that could have been avoided if I listened to HIS instruction. Guard your territory HE said…. so I’m saying to you. Guard your territory. 
The picture is a reminder of where I’m coming from.

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