How to plan a perfect baby shower

Bayo Ajibola

This is How to plan a perfect baby shower .

Baby Shower is more of a tradition for expectant mothers. It is either planned by the mum, family or friend(s) within two months to the delivery of the baby. Achieving a perfect baby shower matters mostly on planning and how the pregnant mum-to-be or mum would like her baby shower to be.

  • Choose a venue and a Theme

Baby showers do not need to be extravagant as it’s a moment to share laughter and have fun. It’s mostly done at the expectant mom’s home but sometimes it can be somewhere else like a hotel room, an outdoor like a garden or a yard. Any place nice and accommodating will do fine. Choosing a theme for the shower helps with decorations, invitations, dress codes, activities and can be based with revealing the sex of baby.

  • Decorations and Invitations

Weeks before the date, after a guest list is down up, invitations should be sent out early. A baby shower should express some glee and excitement that comes with babies. So decorations should be bright and colorful with lots of balloons, pomps, flowers and good backdrops for pictures. Showers are mostly a gathering of women but it can be co-ed by both parents and also their male friends, it’s fun and acceptable.

  • Foods and Games

Food is essential at a baby shower as guests arrive and mingle,they need something to nibble on and drink. So make simple and fast foods in enough quantity to save up stress. Also a beautifully decorated cake to go – which is usually cut after the games. Baby showers includes games which is mostly the fun part. There are so many amazing games such as “Guess the gender” or guests to write up baby names. Search for cute and fun games to make the baby shower lively.

  • Baby Gifts and Shower Favors

A baby shower isn’t complete without the baby gifts. Guests are advised to gift items that the couple would need in the first few months of birth for the baby. It could be in form of gift cards also. The expecting – mum opens the gifts after the games and emotional moments are shared. As showers usually last for few hours (2-3 hours), it’s best to provide favors as parting gifts for guests as they leave. It could be chocolates or candies.


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