Power Star Naturi Naughton Expecting First Child

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Power star, Naturi Naughton has revealed she is pregnant.

Naturi, for months managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps while completing the recent seasons of Starz hit Power a secret.

The 32-year-old confirmed to People on Wednesday that she and her boyfriend Ben are expecting their first child together.

Naturi told People:

‘It’s been a little surreal, but I feel really good, healthy and strong,’ the star told People.
‘I feel like being pregnant and entering this new stage has made me stronger and more excited about life in general. Everything seems so much more purposeful.’

The actress also revealed that her cast on the hit TV series, ensured they kept the news a secret.

‘They’ve been really good at keeping it on the low, but they’re also super excited,’ she told the magazine.

‘Omari [Hardwick], who plays my husband, we have kids on the show and he’s like, ”Now you get to be experiencing motherhood in real life!”

‘Everyone’s been really supportive. I had maternity jeans they ordered for me, and I do a lot of tops that are peplum-style. I was amazed at how un-pregnant I could look.’

The 32-year-old told the magazine she has been eating healthier for the baby but does have one naughty craving.

‘I love kale, I love strawberries and pineapples, but I’m not proud of this … I’ve been eating Cup Noodles. I really want salty, spicy things, and Cup Noodles has been really awesome. I haven’t had one since college.’

On playing Tasha on the series, Naturi told Collider:

I was challenged by all of the different sides and complexities of the character.  It wasn’t always easy to make choices because Tasha is so from the streets.  She’s not the pretty girl who just sits and gets her nails done, although she has a beautiful manicure.  It was challenging to be a wife who doesn’t want her husband to get out of the game.  She’s a wife that supports and wants him to stay as the big time drug lord.  It’s hard to be able to find a way to justify, as an actress, the character is making certain choices.  So, it’s challenging, naturally.  There are moments when I’m like, “Okay, how do I feel about this?  Is this something that rings true?”  I just have to step out of myself and really bring this character to life.  It’s not Naturi.  It’s not my thoughts and feelings.  It’s really something that reflects some real relationships.  If you look at The Sopranos, you see these powerful men and the women behind them.  Even though our relationship is a little bit different, it exists.  We want to show that these two people are the Bonnie and Clyde of today, in New York City.  That’s something that Tasha likes.  She thinks it’s hot and sexy.  The criminal past that they have is something that she’s really, really excited about.

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