PREGNANCY: 5 Things You Can Do To Give Birth To A Brilliant Baby

Bayo Ajibola


When pregnant, women are too to be extra careful, with loads of ‘don’ts’  lists being handed over on most clinical visit or even family visit. It is expected that pregnant women must act responsibly while carrying their little ones in the as any act of irresponsibility can bring about tones of consequences, and we would not want that.

Every mother wants a smart/brilliant child, I mean who wouldn’t and based on research, we have come up with 5 things every pregnant lady can do to give birth to a brilliant baby.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Read! Read!! Read!!!

Yes, this is very important even as they might be unable to understand the words, but still, they will be able to adjust and mark down your voice. As we are aware, from the third trimester, babies begin to hear sounds from the womb and also memorize. So, why not read to them, to help them decide on how they feel about your voice. For your next me time, pick out your favorite book and read to your baby.


Enough Sunlight

Sunlight is packed full of Vitamin D and all expectant mother needs this vitamin for healthy growth of their baby and even them self. In a day, an expectant mother needs at least 20 minutes of sun exposure, done with proper skincare application of course. Also, it should be noted that some medical experts, relate vitamin D with the development of autism,so, why not save your self whatever trouble and just enjoy your next lunch or snack while being exposed to the sun.


Beautiful Healthy Rhymes For The mind

Babies love music and singing to them while they are curled up in your womb, is of great benefit to them.  Singimg to your bump, help them produce serotonin and other chemicals for happiness. Should you be one of the few who wouldn’t be caught singing, then play a happy music and just relax, when baby becomes a bit fussy later, you can hum the tune to help calm him down.


Healthy Diet

With pregnancy comes the morning sickness for a few mums, but when that passes, yes, go ahead and attend to that craving and yes mamas, eat everything your heart desires except of course food high in mercury as this can be harmful to your baby. Foods like tuna, sharks and swordfish, a few examples of food high in mercury. A few other fishes you can eat which are high in healthy fatty acids include salmon, they are really good for you.


Stay Stress-free

We know of a lot of pregnant women who worked till their 9-month, it should be noted that they can do this if their jobs aren’t stressful as pregnant women should not be stressed at all as the smallest stress can have an adverse effect on you and your baby. So if that job is stressful, take time off and just relax. Move around the house, when need be, just do not over-do anything that might be disastrous in the long run.


Bayo Ajibola

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