Pregnancy Beauty Tips

Bayo Ajibola
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As every woman is concerned about her looks, it’s no surprise that pregnant women try to find ways to beautify their looks amidst the pregnancy related body changes. Here are tips to help in achieving a glowing and radiant look during pregnancy.

  • Prep your Skin

This involves achieving a great skin to top your pregnancy game. As most pregnant woman are susceptible to irritation and certain products are harmful to the health of your foetus, use of natural products like Shea Butter on your skin and belly helps reduce stretch marks and Coffee on the skin also helps as an exfoliant for the body.

  • Drink lots of Water

Yes, it freshens the body and keeps it healthy as it flushes out toxins from the body. So also, it aids in maintaining sufficient amniotic fluid in the sac for the baby to be comfortable.

  • Keep your Hair game organic

Avoid using paraben and sulphate related shampoos, conditioners or hair care products. At this time of pregnancy, you might enjoy good hair growth due to the influence of your hormones. So use of organic and natural hair care products are best.

  • Minimal make up and Concealer

Being pregnant doesn’t rule you out from being beauty minded. While you should be careful and use the right make up products for your face during pregnancy, so also make it minimal. Apply the right shade of concealer to your dark circles or hyper-pigmentation. So also if you feel your face is too round or bloated, a little contour here and there with concealer can help with a dash of blush to make you look radiant. PS: use a primer to set in your make up, it will work it’s magic when your makeup might seem to be ruined.

  • Wear Sunscreen

During pregnancy, sunscreen is needed as your skin might get sensitive to UV rays and the heat. Apply chemical free sunscreen before you go out and possibly when you’re back.

  • Dress to Enhance your Curves

You’re pregnant but you’ve still got some sexy in there. Lots of women during pregnancy tend to dress clumsy due to the hormones but it doesn’t take much to dress nicely and be on top your pregnancy game. Female celebrities have made us admire their maternity style, you can pick a thing or two from their PlayBook.


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