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Pregnancy Conditions Are They Hereditary

You never really know what to expect during pregnancy apart from the baby’s kicks at some point and the constant tiredness. All you have for reference are stories from people and books (or the internet) but it could turn out any way since every pregnancy is unique, even those experienced by the same woman.

Sometimes, some conditions that your mother may have had could follow you into your own pregnancy (so those stories can actually be referred to now). Not everything can be passed on but there is a good chance that some will. Here are a few of them.

Morning sickness

It is quite irritating but you just might inherit mild morning sickness from your mum. If it is really bad keep some ginger, lemon and crackers or whatever works for you close by to ward off the nausea.


Miscarriages are only considered hereditary if there is a chromosome abnormality known as balanced translocation that runs in the family. Otherwise, miscarriages are caused by totally different reasons.

Gestational diabetes

If there is any kind of diabetes in your immediate family like a sibling or parent then the chances of you developing diabetes during pregnancy are heightened. You can prevent it by eating healthy (you will have to forego that cake you’ve been craving), exercising and maintaining a healthy weight throughout.

Baby size

If you and hubby were born big then chances are you will have to push harder during labor. Your body size during pregnancy also influences the size of your baby since most times a bigger lady means a bigger baby.

Overdue babies

If you are comparing to your mom who gave birth a good many years ago then it might not really be a valid hereditary condition since tests and sonograms in the olden days weren’t as accurate as they are now.

Preterm labor

It is possible that you got it from your family so remember to mention it to the practitioner as a precaution so that they check your cervix length at all times. It gives an indication of early labor.

Horrendous labor

Contributors to prolonged labor include a small pelvis. This can be gotten from inheriting a physique like your mother’s. If your physique is different then there is nothing much to worry about.

Many other factors also come into play during pregnancy so it’s not always something you got from your family. Get yourself checked early if you have any reservations about something so that you go through your pregnancy as relaxed as possible knowing that everything is fine or will be taken care of.


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