Pregnancy Week 2: What To Expect

Bayo Ajibola

Pregnancy Week 2

Happening in week 2

It is very possible that you might not feel pregnant at this time, however, your body is producing multiple pregnancy hormones as needed , and your baby surely is growing faster than it will at any point in time of your pregnancy. Just two weeks and all these happening? Super exciting right?

Baby in week 2

During the 2nd week, it should be noted that your baby’s sex, has already been decided and vital organs are all beginning to form. Due to the way pregnancy is calculated, you are at this stage,  actually one month pregnant and only eight more to go until you meet your baby!

Your baby, at this stage is called an embryo, and it consists of 150 cells that will divide up into three separate layers.

1st Layer: this layer is referred to as the internal layer, but is also known as the endoderm or endoblast. It becomes the digestive system and respiratory tract, which includes glands like the pancreas, thyroid, liver and thymus.

2nd Layer: this layer is known and called the middle layer, it is also known as the mesoderm. The middle layer, later becomes the baby’s bones, cartilage, circulatory system, inner skin layer, muscles, genitalia, excretory system, and outer covering.

3rd Layer: The outer layer, and also known as the ectoderm or ectoblast, becomes the nervous system, the brain, and the epidermis, which includes the baby’s skin, nails, and hair.

Mom 2 weeks pregnant

By the time you’d be expecting aunt flo[menstruation] to pay you a visit,  you will have been pregnant for around two weeks, yet any sign at being pregnant might only show after waiting on your period to show on time, which will of course not be until you deliver your baby. During this week, if you suspect you might have taken in,  you should begin taking  folic acid supplements at this point as they will help protect your growing baby from spinal cord defects.

What should be on your mind during this week

You finally are aware that you are with child, the next step is actually very important. You should start taking all the right vitamins and minerals, in their right dosage. For women who are yet to confirm if they are pregnant or not by this week, but are trying to conceive, it is highly recommended that they begin to take folic acid supplements to aid the baby’s development and protect them from certain conditions.

For moms themselves, they should start thinking of taking some multivitamin or supplement, as well as ensuring their diet is well balanced. With pregnancy for many women comes cravings and most of these cravings are largely based around unhealthy food, but moms, must charge themselves to eat healthy for both their sake and that of the baby.

For the dads to be, ensure they start an healthy lifestyle as well, especially if they smoke. When both partners start leading healthy lifestyles, trust me, it makes everything ,much more easier and better for all in the long process.

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