pregnancy week-31

Pregnancy Week 31week 31

The Last Trimester

The waiting for your baby to arrive is nearly over. Only eight to twelve weeks to go.Soon you will be touching and hearing your baby. The time for the miracle to become reality is nearly here.

Here are some of the highlights of your last weeks of pregnancy.

What’s happening to your body?

Week 28-31

At the start of yourlast trimester, you start feel tired. As your baby grows, he turns heavier, giving you back ache. You will also feel more breathless and have indigestion regularly as your baby pushes on your ribs.You will also likely to retain more water, so you’ll feel bloated and the swelling of your hands and arms may get worse.

To help reduce the swelling of your legs, sit down more often and raise your feet up. Also, avoid too much salt and drink lots of water.

On the positive side, you can now definitely feel your baby’s movement. And you can distinctly feel his response to your voice.

What’s happening to your baby?

Week 28-31

Your baby spends the third trimester developing, developing fat and mostly getting ready for his birth.

He now blinks and sees bright light shining through from outside. When awake, he will turn to face the light. His bones remain soft and bendy, and continue to develop.

If your baby prematurely arrives on week 29, he has 9 in 10 chances to survive with medical help.

By now, your baby’s brain is working and in control. It already regulates his breathing and body temperature. His sucking and coughing reflex are also fully developed, ready for feeding time when he comes out.

By week 30, your baby’s bone is working properly and already making red blood cells. His body hair (lanugo) also starts to come off. Your baby also concentrates most of his energy developing his brain, so his height and weight gain slows down.

By the time week 31 ends, your baby should weigh around 3 ½ lbs and measures 16 inches long.