pregnancy week-32


Pregnancy Week 32week 32

What’s happening to your body?

Week 32 – 35

By this time, you may feel that you have had enough of the pregnancy. Sleeping will be difficult because of heartburn, shortness of breath and back pain.Plus you will find yourself going toilet more often. As a result, you will feel very tired and grumpy.

To get more comfortable at night, lie on your side and place a thin pillow under your bump to support it. Alternatively, try having short naps in the day, but instead of lying on your back, try reclining, by propping your upper back with pillows.

What’s happening to your baby?

From week 32, your baby’s activities start to slow down because he has less room to move around. He the position he is now is likely to be his delivery position (hopefully, he has his head pointing down and with his back facing your front.)

During this period, your baby is busy exercising his finer reflexes such as grabbing, breathing, weeing and blinking. He is also busy responding to sound and looking around.

By week 33, your baby can sense day and night. His pupils already respond to light. They dilate when it’s dark and constrict when it’s bright.  His lungs are also nearly mature. If he is born now, he can breathe with some help. By the end of 35th week, your baby should have settled into his final position in your womb, ready to come out soon.

He weighs approximately 5 ½ pounds and around 18 inches long.