pregnancy week-40

Pregnancy Week 40

week 40

Week 36 – birth

Your baby can come anytime soon. So look out for the signs and symptoms of labour.

At this time, your baby is simply putting on weight and completing the finishing touches to his development. He can touch, feel, see and listen. He already has a sleep pattern, which will continue after birth.

By 37 week, your baby’s growth will slow down dramatically. He is now full term and ready to come out. At week 38, your baby would have built up a lot of meconium (black baby poo). If he’s not yet out, he needs to come out soon.


The end of waiting: Symptoms of labour

Every woman experience labour in a different ways, but here are the common signs that you are going into labour:

·         Consistent lower back pain together with painful cramps

·         Appearance brownish colour mucus. This is called ‘show.’This mucus plugs your cervix, once it comes out; it means that labour isapproaching.

·         Regular painful contractions that get shorter and shorter

·         Broken water followed by consistent contractions.

Appointments and Tests

By week 34, if you want to go to an antenatal class, this is the time to attend one. You should also see your midwife every two weeks, if possible.

During your midwife appointments, the midwife should check your blood pressure and blood sugar. This will ensure that any signs of pregnancy-induced hypertension or diabetes are caught early.

Congratulations! We are glad to be part of your journey