Pregnancy Week 6:6 weeks pregnant. All You Need To Know

Bayo Ajibola
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6 weeks pregnant.

How your baby’s growing

This week, your baby’s  nose, mouth, and ears are beginning to take shape. Also, your baby’s heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute , which is almost twice as fast as yours, and blood is beginning to course through his body.6 weeks pregnant.

His intestines are growing , and the bud of tissue that will help birth his lungs has appeared. Pituitary gland as well as the rest of his brain, muscles, and bones, are also growing.

Your baby at this shape is the size of a lentil.

How your life’s changing

You may find yourself experiencing all sorts of emotions this week. From feeling moody one day to being joyful the next. You should however know that these feelings are very normal. Such emotional roller coaster are caused partly by fluctuating hormones.

Spotting or bleeding is relatively common in early pregnancy, with a quarter of pregnant women, experiencing this. In some cases however, such spotting could be due to miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. Call your doctor should the bleeding become heavy.

Activity: Learn which foods and drinks to avoid

With pregnancy comes cravings and disgust for some certain food and while some craved food might seem delicious and yummy, they might not be good for you an your baby.

During pregnancy it’s highly important that expecting mums steer clear of some unsafe foods and drinks that could make them sick or harm the baby.

For drinks, even as there is so much misconception about which drinks are good and which should be avoided, alcohol, is a no go zone as even the littlest drop might harm your baby. Mums to be who before they took in are used to taking a glass of wine with their dinner, should stop this.

For food, there are some nutrition website with details on what kind of food is highly unsafe for pregnant women and which is beneficial to both her and the baby.

Expectant mothers must steer clear of food high in mercury. Some mums during their pregnancy might carve fish, but before they dig into any fish placed before them, they must make certain that it does not contain mercury, as some fishes are high in mercury.

Some other food mums to be should avoid is soda, store bought chicken salad, sprouts, caffeine,e.t.c

Also, expectant mothers, must try as much as possible to avoid eating raw or under-cooked Food of Animal Origin should be avoided.

According webMD:

Under-cooked animal foods — such as rare meat, raw oysters, clams, sushi, unpasteurized eggs, raw cookie or cake dough, and homemade eggnog), may contain an array of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. To reduce your risk of food-borne illness, test the doneness of meat, poultry, and fish with a food thermometer, cook eggs until they are no longer runny, and follow baking instructions — don’t eat raw dough.

For meals to eat, whole grains, lean meats,fruits and vegetables legumes, and low-fat dairy, should make up their diet as it is highly beneficial for the body and the baby’s developing system


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