pregnancy week-8

Pregnancy Week 8

week 8What is happening in your body?

This is the time when the dreaded morning sickness begins. However, ‘morning sickness’ is a misnomer. Some women may feel nauseous throughout the day. You will also feel very tired, lethargic and slightly unwell. You are also likely to feeltemperamental or irritable.


What’s happening to your baby?

Between the 5th and 8th week, your baby is activelybecoming recognisably human. During this period, your baby’s heartstarts beating but it is not yet audible. And his brain starts developing.  His blood also starts flowing but the placenta is still not fully formed.

By the 8th week, your baby will measure around 3cm long and his features start to take shape. There will be a distinct beginning of the ears and he will also have arms and legs.