Pregnant woman whose husband beats and molests her 13-year-old sister is in need of advice

A pregnant woman whose husband allegedly molested her 13-year-old sister who lives with them, is in need of advice on how to deal with him legally.

The woman said the man beats her up at the slightest provocation and she sent an SOS to members of the Joint Legal Action AIDS, an NGO, in order to get justice.

Read the letter below:

Hello sir, 
I need you to help me get justice. I am dying and suffering silently and I have no where to go and get justice.
My story goes thus
I live with a man called my husband although not legally married. He beats me up at slightest provocation. Considering the last time it happened he beats me so bad and even with pregnancy that he doesn’t mind killing me and going to jail.

After the whole saga I went to the police station to report the case and after writing my statement he was invited to the police station to hear from him. After which the officers in charge of the case started apportioning blames on us and asked us to go and settle our differences at home. We left but my own case ended in the hospital because I couldn’t see with my eyes again after the incident but thank God am ok now.

Another problem I have now is that I have my younger sister that lives with us and the girl is just 13 years old and helps in running errands for me. now this my husband has started trying to sexually harass my little sister by touching her breasts and trying to suck it as well. Even the little girl is not comfortable that she had to write him a letter threatening to expose him if he dares tries it again. Meanwhile am still pregnant and this will be my 2nd child for him.

Pls I need to protect myself.I need to protect my little sister. What kind of legal action can I take as police will not be able to handle my case for me(from experience). Pls reply as soon as possible cos ur reply can save a dying soul. I’ll be grateful if u can step into my case sir
Here is the letter from my 13 year old sister I found in her school bag that made her confessed to me.

The letter the 13 year old sent to her hubby below:

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