Presidential photographer, Sesan Adeboyejo, Say Something Unusual On The Acting President,Yemi Osibajo

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Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo’s personal photographer,Sesan Adeboyejo on his IG page shared the acting president’s humble encounter with his own mother. He wrote;

“Let me tell you about a man of God, a man of respect and honour, a gentleman, His Excellency the Acting President @profosinbajo. I went to him and said Sir, my mother is at this event and she wants to greet you. Guess what the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria said, No No No I would go and greet her where she is sitted and in front of all the Governors and VIPs he gets up and walked over to my mum to greet her. She felt so honored and prayed for him and the heavens opened and said AMEN”

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