“Private jet is next” – Nigerian pastor declares as he surprises wife with Lexus car on wedding anniversary for being a ‘virtuous woman’

The pastor in-charge of Distinction Ministries, Port Harcourt, Alfred Akunchukwu (a.k.a Jah Messenger) surprised his wife wuh a Lexus car on their 7th wedding anniversary on Monday, August 16.

The clergyman from NELGA, Rivers State shared photos of the gift and wrote:

“It’s our 7th wedding anniversary. A good man may not remain a good man if he is not married to a good woman. I have a Caroline Alfred that has helped me remain pastor Alfred without loosing my calling. I just want to say thank you my pretty wife. Jah Messenger say so!,”

“This gift is just to say thank you so much my pretty wife for being a virtuous woman and a prudent wife. Private jet is next. Happy 7th anniversary once again. Jah Messenger say so.” he added.

His excited wife, Caroline, a lawyer and mother of one wrote on Facebook.

“Marriage is indeed honorable if your spouse is not horrible. I can’t stop thanking God for the kind of life partner He gave me,”

“He said to me “my pretty wife, the other car no longer befit your status as a global celebrity. I just got you this keke to manage as we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary today. How on earth am I a celebrity to a man who doesn’t only see me always but he sees every part of me every time he wants and yet he celebrates me like he is my biggest fan. If this is keke, then I love keke henceforth. Please help me thank Pst Alfred the Jah Messenger”

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