Psychological Factors Affecting Fertility

Bayo Ajibola

Psychological Factors Affecting Fertility.A large number of women and men experiences fertility issues every year. There are those who are affected due to conditions like endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). These are mainly hormone-related conditions and the interventions will therefore focus on the physical.

There could however be a psychological aspect in all this and some health practitioners are looking at a possible connection between hormones, fertility and your psychological state.

Psychological Factors Affecting Fertility.

It starts in the mind

A fertility psychologist known as Cath Corcoran worked as a psychologist but eventually concentrated on her current path when she started dealing with people going through IVF. She says, ”People going through IVF need to debrief about going through this stressful experience.” Corcoran continues, “I felt there was still another layer to their conception and fertility issues, so I started helping people release some of the psychological hooks that are behind some of these issues.”

She finds many of these women dealing with stress. The sad part is that many aren’t even aware that they are extremely stressed and that the stress is negatively affecting their body and fertility in general. Sometimes there are other psychological issues adding to the situation. These may include worries stemming from relationships with their parents (both present and past) or not being on the same page with their partner (one worries and the other remains indifferent) .

Counseling sessions do work

Many times you don’t even realize that these issues exist but they do and can serve as a big block. Once you attend counseling you realize that they are really bigger than you thought and were contributing a lot to your worries than you gave them credit for. Thankfully talking them out and having honest and open discussions actually makes you more at ease.Psychological Factors Affecting Fertility

There may be minimal research in this area but Corcoran says she has seen it working in her clinic. “I have the evidence in my own clinic that people are able to get pregnant after working through psychological strategies in conjunction with whatever they’re doing for their physical fertility and conception.”

So it works but how do you start yourself off as you head to positive fertility mental health? Here are a few useful pointers you can use.

  1. Deal with stress. Properly managing stress will get your hormones in balance and will therefore leave you better placed in terms of fertility. For example, many women who have irregular cycles also have high stress levels.
  2. Keep communication lines open with your partner. It is important so that both of you can be on the same page if you are trying to conceive and can be each other’s support. You need to understand each other as a couple and remember that you are on the same team.
  3. You may have underlying worries and issues from your past, say a birth or childhood experience, that may be fuelling your current worries. Explore your past and deal with these issues instead of pushing them away. It will give you more confidence as a future parent and calm your parenting nerves.
  4. Sleep may be difficult to come by at this point but you need a lot of it. Enough sleep will lower cortisol and insulin and improve serotonin and dopamine. stress hormones
  5. Exercise will help keep your hormones in check as it will burn adrenalin and cortisol. It will also keep you healthy and you need this since you are trying to get ready for a baby.

Explore these tips to get your psychological health in good shape. You need a relaxed mind for your baby hormones to flourish so start working on a happy brain. You can also throw in some good sex in there (with the intention of fun and not procreation of course) since it helps in the release of feel-good hormones afterwards.


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