R Kelly’s ex wife, Drea shares a remade version of the singer’s new song “Admit It”

A few days after award-winning R&B star, R. Kelly released a 19 minutes track, I Admit, in which he tried to address the sex offence charges, sex cult allegation and the state of his bank accounts among others, his ex-wife Drea has reacted in an Instagram post with a remade lyrics of the song.

Drea who has appeared on an impressive number of interviews since her last trending video where she opened up about R. Kelly abusing her for years, shared the remade version of the new song. The lyrics accuse Kelly of being a sex offender, a deadbeat father whose mother would be turning in her grave at all his atrocities.

See her post below:

Admit it
Admit it
Admit it
Your mama IS watching over you
And rolling over in her grave
because of the ABUSIVE things you do
You say she’s looking down from heaven So there’s nothing she didn’t see
Which means she saw you BEAT me from heaven and neglect her grand babies……Admit it
Admit it
Admit it
Your children you don’t see
Because you treat them like your fans
And not your flesh and blood, please
Being a dead beat dad is a conscious choice
You could face time w them EVERYDAY
they’d SEE your face and HEAR your voice,so…..
Admit it
Admit it
Admit it
Then go get some professional help
Own the pain that you’ve inflicted on others’
All by yourself
Even though you can’t read or write
it didn’t stop you from making hit songs
But you don’t have to read or write
to know Domestic Violence is wrong, so….
Admit it
Admit it
Admit it
Your past is not is an excuse
Just because you were abused
doesn’t mean you get to ABUSE…..
Admit it
Admit it
Admit it
Cause the TRUTH will set you free
Nothing good is gonna come to you


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