Are You Ready for Love? Take a Look at These 6 Pointers to Find Out

Bayo Ajibola

How to know if you are ready for love:The thought of finding love and being loved is one that many dream of. Having someone to call your own and treat you like royalty is something many long for and would prefer for it to happen sooner rather than later. Love makes the world go round, they say.

As you dream and keep hope alive you need to ask yourself whether you are actually ready for love. Yes, it requires someone to be ready for it otherwise it will be wasted on you. Love is about give and take but a lot of giving is involved. How do you know you are ready for love?

  1. The past is the past

Everybody has a past and a history that could fill up a large textbook and that’s okay. You may have been hurt and sustained several bruises along the way but you realize that you can’t blame your future partner for the wrongs of your past partners. So not all men are dogs and not all women are female dogs in your sight.

Of course you learnt your lessons and you now know better. There is room in your heart to love again and you will let the new relationship thrive naturally.

  1. Forgiveness is a big part of who you are

People make mistakes and forgiveness allows them to move on and live without guilt. Forgiveness gives you the freedom to actually live life and walk through all the struggles you may have. Forgiving yourself and others opens a door for peaceful coexistence in the midst of human weakness. Your partner will wrong you but a willingness to forgive will keep your relationship steady through the rocky times.

  1. You acknowledge that relationships take work and are willing to do it

Being in love is one thing but staying in love with someone whose flaws you see more of every day is a choice. You won’t wait for a miracle to happen or run away when you encounter problems. Whenever challenges arise you are willing to work through them knowing that they will build your relationship even further.

  1. You are open and truthful

Honesty is important for every relationship to work. You are keen to always tell the truth even when it could be incriminating. When it comes to telling your partner something about themselves they may not like you do it with love and not spite.

Everything about you is open for scrutiny and you don’t mind your partner knowing things about you. You’d rather tell them because they need to know who you really are and what they are dealing with.

  1. You have taken the time to be the right partner

Many times people want Mr. Right or Miss Right but haven’t bothered to work on themselves. They have a list of characteristics they would like in a partner but they are nothing close to it. That’s just wrong.

Anyone who is ready for love will work on their flaws and idiosyncrasies and try to make themselves good partners before they start looking for love. And then again many people attract what they are so making yourself better works in your favor.

  1. Individuality is welcome

People are different and will always have a life of their own outside of the relationship. It is okay to have a few different hobbies and your partner can be themselves around you. You don’t strive to change them to fit into a box you created.

Love is between two people but it begins with you. You can’t control what the other person does but you can make sure that you are a viable candidate for love. Love may be tricky to come by but will thrive in the right environment.

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Bayo Ajibola

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