Real Story: Can Prophecy Tell You Who You Should Marry?

Bayo Ajibola

Dan grew up as an only child after losing his sister at the age of 19. He was 21 at the time. Although his parents adopted a girl later on, he is pretty much still the family’s only biological child. Four years ago, Dan met a very young and pretty single mother whom he fell in love with. Dan and this lady were inseparable, but Dan’s mother was against the relationship because she was a single mother. The lady had actually had a child when she was in school, and Dan’s mother said she would not support a woman that has a child for another man before her own son.

This caused serious problems, and even after Dan and this lady got engaged, Dan’s mother still refused to accept her. Eventually, the lady got frustrated and broke up with Dan. Since 2020, Dan has been depressed after the lady broke up with him, and he has gone for therapy to help with his depression. Everyone has tried to cheer him up, and he has dated several ladies since, but he is not happy.

What made matters worse was that after he broke up with this lady, she got married a year later to a young pastor in the church they used to attend. That forced Dan to leave that church because he could not stand being in the same church with her.

Now the issue is this: Dan’s ex and her husband had a major fallout last year. From what they heard, the man got a revelation during a revival that he is married to someone else’s wife, and that she is destined to be with someone else, whom the mother refused to accept their relationship. The pastor served her divorce papers because ever since their marriage, things started happening both in the marriage and in the church. All of this information was heard from an inner caucus source, as the lady never went back to Dan.

With this information, Dan went back to his mother to try to talk to the lady again, but Dan’s mother is saying over her dead body will she allow Dan to be with this woman. She believes the prophecy is fake, and the lady is not right for Dan. Meanwhile, this woman is planning to relocate because she is frustrated with all that has happened in the past four years.

According to the lady, she said that apart from the prophecy that ended her marriage, there were many problems with the man’s infidelity. She said the man wanted to marry someone else and may have used her story she told him about how she and Dan broke up to come up with the prophecy. She has accepted her fate, but she is very sad too, and she said she will not go back to Dan unless his mother accepts her and apologizes for everything.

Dan is very downcast after hearing what the lady said. Even though he is in a relationship, he is not happy. He’s unsure whether the prophecy is true or not, and whether he and this lady are destined to be together. Both of them are not happy. Should Dan go after this lady even against his mother’s wish, or should he allow her to travel abroad?

Bayo Ajibola

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