Reality Star Rosie Says She Was Suicidal After She Broke Up With Ultimate Love Co Winner Kachi

“I can remember that I was suicidal (after Ultimate Love reality show). It was my dad that found me when I was about to end my life. The reason is I saw my mum cry because he (Kachi, her co-winner and ex boyfriend) was welcomed into our house. He was treated like a son, but he decided to pay us back with lies. My mother’s tears moved me. I never want to see my mother cry. It was even more painful because we were hurt deeply by someone we never did any wrong to. Seeing my mum cry made me suicidal. However, my dad came through and asked me why I wanted to end my life because of one person that was not worth anything to me again.

“Love is not supposed to hurt. I am not hurt because love hurt me; rather, I am hurt because a person hurt me. I then stood up and decided to keep my mind focused on my sons. They motivate me every day. My fear every day is that of ever failing them. Every day, I usually find something to do or read. I am always pushing myself to the limits.” – Reality Star Rosie Afuwape

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