Reno Omokri lists characteristics of a good wife material

Human rights activist, Reno Omokri has opined what he believes to be the characteristics of a good wife material.

Reno Omokri wrote on IG;

“Characteristics Of a Wife Material

* Gives you love, not romance

* She does not need you for finance, or anything else. She is with you because she wants you

* You can argue with her without the argument becoming a fight

* She has high relevance, but is not high maintenance

* She has her own independent, legal and provable source of income

* Her relationship does not break when you are broke

* Her human hair weave on is not her most expensive asset

* She encourages you to save instead of taking her out to eat all the time

* She is not insecure and does not check your phone, if she has issues, she confronts you directly

* She knows how to pray, play, slay and stay

If she has these features, then consider making her your future.”

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