Responsible Guys! 10 Ways To Show That You Care For Your Girlfriend

Bayo Ajibola

Doesn’t matter if the two of you have been dating for two months or two years, you always need to remind your girlfriend how much you care about her. It strengthens your relationship and the bond you both share. With a little effort on your part, she will feel like a princess straight out of a fairy tale, where you would be her Prince Charming.

1. Be There For Her:
Whenever she needs you, make sure you are there for her. Listen to her when she needs to talk. Advise her but only when she asks for it. Tell her that she can always count on you to be there to support her.

2. Dance With Her:
Do this with or without music. Nothing is more romantic for a girl, than to dance with the one she loves. Even if you don’t know to dance, the effort is all it takes to make her feel special.

3. Surprise Her With Gifts Once In A While:
Girls love to be pampered with gifts from their boyfriends. Once in a while, get her something she really wants. Get her gifts sometimes, for no particular reason.

4. Blindfold Her And Take Her Somewhere Romantic:
Girls find the idea of being temporarily ‘kidnapped’ by their boyfriend, very romantic. This gives her an excuse to get away from the world to be just with you. You could take her on the top of a lighthouse or blindfold her and take her to your place which is specially decorated for her.

5. Cook Dinner For Her:
Set a romantic atmosphere around you. Play some soft music and make use of dim lights. Get all her favorite dishes on the menu and don’t forget to add lots of dessert, especially chocolate.

6. Stand Up For Her:
When someone puts her down, show her you care, by standing up for her. She will not forget it. It will make her feel protected. This will also increase her respect for you.

7. Sing For Her:
It does not matter even if you are not a good singer. Just at times, sing her favorite romantic song. Hold her hand and look into her eyes while doing so. You will see a hint of red at the cheeks.

8. Respect Her:
Never yell at her. If you are having a disagreement among the two of you, don’t make it public. Talk about her with respect in front of your friends.

9. Hold Her Hand In Public Places:
It is a way to acknowledge her as a part of your life and to show her that you love to have her around you. It is also a sign that you are not afraid or ashamed of the fact that you love her.

10. Be Nice To Her Friends:
Girls surely want their friends to admire their boyfriends. Don’t act introverted, smile at them and ask them how they are. If there are some people who do not connect with you, never embarrass her by making your feelings public. She will be grateful to you.

Girls are satisfied with the simple things in life. Whatever you do, make sure you put all your heart to it. If your message is right from your heart, you can be assured that she will be touched by your effort.

Bayo Ajibola

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