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REVEALED!!5 Shocking Secrets to a long-lasting relationship.

Relationships are the most cherished and the most sensitive feelings in your life. One little mistake can cost you an entire relationship whether it is of your parents, siblings, friends or even your partner. Thus, relationships should be handled very carefully and sensitively. You never know what you might say which might later on become an issue to break that entire relationship. Moreover, it is important to trust in the fidelity of the relationship as well. At least from your side you should not be found guilty of have been unjust to the entire relationship. Some tips that would help you maintain relationships in your life are:

  • Every relationship requires openness. It does not matter regarding which subject you and your partner or your family want to speak about. But it is important that you open yourself and speak up your mind regarding that matter. There are many topics like intimacy and sex which many are not too open about to talk to their partners and certainly not with their families. But this stigma needs to be broken and you should try to have a heart to heart conversation regarding these matters as well if needed.
  • There are people who love to beat around the bush before coming to the main point. Whenever you have anything important to talk about, it is advisable that you talk directly. Relationship has no space for undesired suspense. Such things only makes matters worse instead of putting things back together. Thus, you should talk to the point with your partner and your families whenever needed. This would make you more direct and you would hesitate little to put forward your opinion across the table.
  • Any relationship, especially those between young couples are very sensitive. There is a certain level of intimacy which is usually understandable but sometimes matters go worse if an unwanted physical relationship crops up. Thus, it is recommended to avoid such physical relationships and not get involved physically till the couple themselves know that they are correct and gets into such a relationship with each other’s consent. There are various health problems and stigmas related to such a relationship and thus one should be very careful before taking such a step in life.
  • ​Emotion always works in any kind of relationship. It is said that relationship works from the heart and not from the mind. Thus try to strike the emotional chord with your partner and/or your family. This certainly does not call for emotional blackmailing, but emotionally you can rationalise certain points which are crucial in our life with your partner and family. It is because your family and partner loves you that your emotional appeal would make them understand what aggression and frustration might fail to do.
  • ​Faith is the last element that you need to make a great relationship work. After all you’re near and dear ones love youand trust you.

Thus, these are the ingredients required to have a great relationship in your life.

Bayo Ajibola

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