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Children(babies and toddlers) are curious in nature. Their curiosity increases with age and the level of development. Unfortunately, this curiosity is without judgement and thisputs them at risk of accidents.  Parents, therefore, have an obligation to safeguard their homes and environment in order to protect their children from accidents.

It is pertinent to note that accidents do not only happen in the homeor in your immediate surroundings. They can happen even when you are outside the home: in the car, on a holiday, on a shopping spree, in the park, to mention but a few.Here are tips on how to prevent accidents both in the home and outside:


  •          Never leave toys or other items on stairs, as kids can trip over them.
  •          Fit a safety gate at both top and bottom of stairs.
  •          Stairs should be well lit, especially at night.
  •          Never leave your child in the bath unattended, even for a split second.
  •          When running a bath, turn the cold water on first before the hot water.  Make sure the water is the right temperature before letting your child in.
  •          Always turn pot and pan handles away from the edge of the cooker
  •          Keep cords of electrical appliances out of sight, including heated appliances like hot irons.
  •          Keep medicines, chemicals, matches and lighters out of sight and reach of children
  •          Keep plastic bags away from children to avoid suffocation.
  •          When changing your baby, take care not to let him roll off the changing surface.
  •          Keep chairs and other climbing objects away from windows and balconies.
  •          Cords of curtainsand blinds should be kept short, including table cloths.
  •          Fit smoke alarms in strategic places in your home.  Always test smoke alarms regularly to ensure they are in goodworking conditions.
  •          Please do not lift your child while holding a hot or warm drink.
  •          Always place hot and warm drinks out of the reach of children. A baby’s skin is very sensitive, so that even a warm drink can cause scalding.
  •          Keep sharp and pointed items out of sight, such as scissors, knives, pins, needles and sharp pencils.



  •          Make sure your garden is safe and free from dangerous objects.
  •          Secure gates and fences. Mend broken fences as these could be dangerous.
  •          Watch your child while in the park or around the playground. Kids sometimes wander off while playing.
  •          Hold your child’s hand while walking on the road or near traffic. If possible, wear him a harness.
  •          Educate your child on basic road safety rules, no matter how young he may be.
  •          When using a power mower, keep children away.
  •          Keep children away from barbecue stands.
  •          Watch, observe and supervise kids near water, examples: swimming pools and ponds.
  •          Strapyour child in an appropriate car seat before driving.

Remember, wherever or whenever, think of the safety of your child and always ensure an accident –free home and environment. Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

Bayo Ajibola

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