See lovely photos Of these handsome triplets who are celebrating their birthday today

These triplet boys who have become celebrities on social media celebrate their birthday today.

One of the triplets @jamietriplets, took to his instagram page to share pictures and recounts the journey so far. He prayed to God to continue to bless and protect him and his siblings.

Their names have been given as John, Peter and Jamie Obidiegwu.

He wrote:

“A couple of years ago we were born. 


My parents already had 6kids, but then my immediate elder sister wanted a baby boy (she already was cool. So then, she disturbed both mumsy and pupsy, and they both disturbed each other at night . After we were born, we brought a lot of blessings to my dad and family.

First I wanna say thank you to my late parents (especially my mum), her death wasn’t natural. Secondly, my other siblings, they’ve been there for us through it all, made us not miss my mum too much. 

Then of course to the love of my life (Peter and John), my lookalikes, my best friends, my gist partners, business partners, I love you two more than life itself. 

I have more stories to share but I would stop here for now. 

I just want to say Happy birthday to me and my brothers. 

Wish us well, sow a seed if you want triplets, but do it with faith. 

May God continue to bless us, keep us and everybody around us. May he use us to bless our family and friends everybody I know. AMENNNNN 

happy birthday 3pooh!!!!”


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