See the shocking way a Nigerian lady advises women to deal with their irresponsible husbands

A Nigerian woman identified as Lady Monica who hails from Edo State have advised women to lock their irresponsible husband inside bottle.

In the now viral video, she can be heard saying; “This bottle you can see is a very new one. This is a new business line that i am opening on Facebook. If you know you have a husband like ‘Efeyi Bright’, husband that is very irresponsible, husband that can disgrace in-laws, disgrace wife, disgrace himself, disgrace his tribe, husband that doesn’t have respect for women, husband that talk anyhow and your really sick and tired, but you don’t want to leave that husband house.

This is a fresh bottle i sell to lock husband, if you lock that kind husband inside here, anything you tell him, he will do it. I am that woman that locks women’s husband for inside bottle and when you lock him for inside this bottle finish you go dey shine.”

Watch the video below;

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